Neurocracy Season Pass

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Neurocracy Season Pass, which will offer all ten episodes of Neurocracy in the form of an Omnipedia user account. The first episode is free for everyone and shows the world of Neurocracy as it exists on October 1st 2049, allowing you to get a feel for Omnipedia and how it mirrors Wikipedia in form and function.

The remaining nine episodes, which carry Neurocracy’s storylines forward to their revelations on October 10th 2049, require a user account to access. This account is available for the single, tax-inclusive price of £15.00, which will be automatically converted to your currency in the payment portal on the next page. If you already have a user account, either from a previous purchase or a pledge to Neurocracy’s 2020 Kickstarter campaign, you can log in here.

Neurocracy’s ten episodes were initially released on a weekly basis during the summer of 2021, which enabled a community of players to crowdsource and discuss theories between episodes. These live theories then influenced the writing of each subsequent episode in a dialogue between Neurocracy’s developers and the community.

This interactive element can be revisited by joining the Neurocracy Discord server, which has episode-specific speculation channels to avoid information from later episodes seeping into earlier discussions. The conversations in those channels can be freely consulted and represent as much a record of Neurocracy’s worldbuilding as Omnipedia does. Please feel free to lurk, there is no obligation to actively participate.