Deena Kim

Deena Kim
A selfie taken by Deena Kim. She is wearing a grey shirt and backpack while looking into the camera.

Deena Kim in 2049.

Birth name

Deena Kim


July 14th 2021 (age 28) in Toronto, Canada



Known for

Suspected connection to Adira in 2049



Deena Kim (born July 14th 2021) is a Canadian former Datalign contractor who was briefly implicated in the assassination of Xu Shaoyong and Yuri Golitsyn when her G6 work terminal was linked to the hacked drone that carried out the attack.

Kim was arrested in London City on September 30th 2049 and held until October 2nd 2049, when the Chinese investigation into the assassination cleared her of any involvement. She was accused of being Adira after the London City Police Service (LCPS) announced her arrest and subsequent release, which has led to increased public scrutiny of her life.

On October 5th 2049, Kim was reported missing by the LCPS. She was found to have been present in Croatia in connection with the death of Connie Muren on October 6th 2049, with Sunil Cariappa claiming on October 10th 2049 that Kim is “unharmed” and “an innocent in this.”

Early life

Deena Kim was born on July 14th 2021 in Toronto, Canada. She is the oldest of two children born to Jason Kim, a physical therapist, and Michelle Kim, a restaurant manager. Her family moved to Montreal in 2032, when she was ten years old. Kim completed a Bachelor of Science in Major Mathematics and Computer Science at McGill University in 2042 and moved to London City in 2044. After working as a data analyst for several startups, Kim joined Datalign as a customer service representative in 2048.

Connection to Adira

At 13:10 GMT on September 30th 2049, Kim was arrested by the London City Police Service (LCPS) as part of the Chinese investigation into the assassination of Xu Shaoyong and Yuri Golitsyn. She was taken from her home at a residential tower in West Green and transported to the Chinese embassy in Marylebone. On October 2nd 2049, Kim was handed off to the LCPS by a Chinese security team and taken back to her residence at 11:30 GMT.

Though the LCPS did not mention Kim’s name when it announced her arrest and subsequent release, it was pieced together and revealed by internet sleuths when the announcement was linked to eyewitness reports of the police raid at her residence on September 30th 2049. [1] This led to an increased level of public scrutiny and close examinations of Kim’s life following confirmation from the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) that Adira was “the likely culprit” in the assassination. [2] Subsequent to this, a Datalign spokesperson commented that Kim’s account with the company has been terminated and her work terminal confiscated as part of an internal investigation.

On October 2nd 2049, Kim’s father posted that his family is being “flooded with calls and messages by half the internet” as a result of the publicity surrounding Kim. He reported that Kim is “shaken” from her experience and was “staying with a friend.” On October 3rd 2049, Kim posted an update through her friend’s account, stating that she has been doxed and that she was unable to return home after her landlord removed her neurometric data from the building’s smart locks.

Kim also describes her experience at the Chinese embassy, claiming she was confined to a detention room where she was “repeatedly interrogated about the attack by different groups of people” and left alone without food or water for long stretches of time. Kim also alleges that she was subjected to a colloid implant without her consent:

At one point, two men entered the room. One of them came around the table and held me so the other one could forcibly inject something into my right arm. When he got back up, I could see it was a colloid injector. Then they left and came back after about half an hour. The man who injected the colloid tapped on a screen and looked at it while the other stared at me. I don’t know for how long this went on, but then they left again. Neither spoke a single word.

On October 4th 2049, Canada’s ambassador to London City condemned Kim’s treatment at the Chinese embassy as “a gross violation of her rights.” Laura McDonald has publicly offered to represent Kim in “any legal proceedings she wishes to consider,” calling out Kim’s description of the forced colloid injection as “a violating act tantamount to brainjacking.”

On October 5th 2049, the LCPS reported that Kim has disappeared from her friend’s residence, adding that “her neurometric ping stopped” after 03:30 GMT on October 4th 2049. It is assumed that Kim has made use of a collocidal to facilitate her disappearance. On October 7th 2049, Kim’s family launched an appeal for her safe return, with her father expressing his concern that Kim’s purported use of a collocidal would have also disabled her anti-anxiety colloid.

On October 9th 2049, Croatian authorities confirmed that forensic evidence has indicated Kim’s presence at the scene where Connie Muren was killed in Zadar on October 6th 2049. Kim remains at large and is considered a suspect in Muren’s death by Interpol, which has reopened its investigation into Muren’s disappearance in 2040. It is currently unclear how Kim was able to travel from London City to Zadar.

On October 10th 2049, Sunil Cariappa published a data package to Vessel, including a recording in which he stated that Kim is “unharmed” and “an innocent in this.” [3] Interpol has determined that the data package was published from a location off the northern coast of Croatia, with a search operation in Croatia’s internal waters underway.

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