Matvey Kozlov

Matvey Kozlov

Matvey Kozlov in 2047.

Birth name

Matvey Kozlov (Матвей Козлов)


April 6th 2009 (age 40) in Tolyatti, Russia




Director of Operational Security at Pokrov



Matvey Kozlov (Матвей Козлов, born April 6th 2009) is a Russian military veteran working as Director of Operational Security for Pokrov. Born in Tolyatti, he enlisted in the Russian military in 2028 and joined Vspyshka following his discharge in 2035.

Kozlov was headhunted by Pokrov in 2042 to form the basis of a new internal security team. His role was most visible as personal bodyguard of Yuri Golitsyn, which has caused a political dispute with Russian President Denis Molchalin.

Military career

Matvey Kozlov was born on April 6th 2009 in Tolyatti, Russia. After failing to find regular employment, he enlisted in the Russian military in 2028, eventually earning reassignment to the prestigious 3rd Special Purpose Brigade of the Spetsnaz GRU in 2030.

Details of Kozlov’s service record remain classified, though it is believed that he was active as a military advisor shortly before the Donbas Conflict, and continued to operate in the region throughout the war. [1] Following his discharge in 2035, Kozlov joined Vspyshka as a contractor.



Matvey Kozlov (left) and Yuri Golitsyn (right) at the Pokrov complex in 2047.

In 2043, Kozlov was one of several Vspyshka contractors headhunted by Pokrov to form the basis of a new internal security team. In 2046, he was promoted to the position of Director of Operational Security.

Kozlov began acting as personal bodyguard of Yuri Golitsyn in 2047, which led to a public argument between Golitsyn and Russian President Denis Molchalin, who chided Golitsyn for “the company he keeps.” This was seen as a veiled reference to Kozlov and his time in the Frontoviki, as the group was formed out of dissatisfaction with President Molchalin’s perceived appeasement of foreign powers. International observers have suggested that Golitsyn gave Kozlov a visible role in his entourage as a “taunt” to President Molchalin and a show of support to Russia’s far-right circles. [2]

On October 5th 2049, a Pokrov official indicated that Kozlov has not been seen for “several days,” giving rise to rumours that he may have been with Golitsyn aboard the helicopter of Xu Shaoyong when it was destroyed on October 1st 2049. Subsequent to this, President Molchalin has initiated an investigative probe of Pokrov’s recent activities.

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