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We live in a world where knowledge is fractured, diffuse, negotiable. That’s why I decided to resurrect an old paradigm with Omnipedia, a newly created reference work that aims to be a trusted source of information at your fingertips. With more articles added each and every day, I hope you will bear with me as my team of contributors, both human and artificial, works tirelessly to help build your world.

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An electron micrograph of 35kD membrane glycoprotein that shows amyloid fibres from its prion structure.

Cariappa-Muren disease (CMD), previously known as acquired prionopathic neurodegeneration syndrome (APNS), is a universally fatal neurodegenerative disorder resulting from the transmission of piscine transmissible amyloidotic encephalopathy (PTAE) to humans. It is estimated that over three million people were infected with CMD after a popular line of farmed Atlantic bluefin tuna inadvertently contaminated with PTAE was introduced to the food chain in 2034 and went undiscovered until 2038. (Full article…)

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A portrait of Russian president Denis Molchalin.