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We live in a world where knowledge is fractured, diffuse, negotiable. That’s why I decided to resurrect an old paradigm with Omnipedia, a newly created reference work that aims to be a trusted source of information at your fingertips. With more articles added each and every day, I hope you will bear with me as my team of contributors, both human and artificial, works tirelessly to help build your world.

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A portrait of Xu Shaoyong smiling for the camera and standing in front of a white background.

Xu Shaoyong (徐邵雍, born August 29th 1997) is a Chinese business magnate, politician, investor, and the founder and executive chair of the Chinese technology conglomerate Zhupao. Born in Beijing, Xu founded Zhupao in 2024 as a system integration company focused on Drupal, and expanded it to become one of China’s foremost providers of cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and neural colloids. Often referred to as China’s paramount leader, Xu is considered a global ambassador for business and technology due to Zhupao’s development of G6. (Full article…)

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The Zhupao logo, depicting the profile of a smiling piglet's head above the word Zhupao in both English and Mandarin Chinese.