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Lassgard Bioteknik was an aquaculture company headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden. Founded out of Uppsala Science Park in 2021, the company’s research and development was focused on using genetic modification and full-cycle farming to replenish depleted fish stock. In 2034, Lassgard Bioteknik introduced a line of Atlantic bluefin tuna that became increasingly popular in the Asian seafood market and accounted for roughly 80% of worldwide tuna consumption by 2039. It was then revealed that the company’s feeding practices for this line of tuna were the most likely origin of Cariappa-Muren disease (CMD). (Full article…)

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  • A landslide due to heavy rainfall in Singapore results in over 1,000 deaths, with many displaced and others still missing.
  • Efrim Waite (pictured) has been reported missing after they escaped their protection team in Spain.
  • The People’s Republic of China (PRC) celebrates its first centennial with a series of ceremonial events, including a grand military parade observed by PRC President Mao Bo.