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The release poster of the sci-fi action film Skynet, showing actor Keiko Komatsu as Sarah Connor with the Skynet-infected eyes of actor Takahiro Matsuda behind her.

Skynet (stylised as SKYNET) is a 2045 Japanese-American sci-fi action film written and directed by Harue Tanaka. Set in the Terminator universe, Skynet stars Keiko Komatsu as Sarah Connor, who is targeted for termination by a malevolent artificial intelligence (AI) that has enslaved all of humanity in the dystopian future of 2094. Skynet was considered a critical and commercial success upon its release, with significant praise for its screenplay, direction, themes, and action sequences. (Full article…)

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A portrait of William Lassgard, wearing a dark blue suit with red tie and looking to the left of the camera.